Obtaining professional land survey services is essential before land improvements can begin. Survey plans/deliverables will support and assist in the process.Depending on the land improvement, surveyors can optimize the deliverables needed.

Land survey professionals may use multiple tools and methods to achieve a desirable product. For instance, surveyors may utilize GPS, drones, 3D laser scanners, total stations, and computer analysis software.

Types of Land Survey Services
There are multiple types of survey services that may benecessary for you to execute a land development project. Several entities will need deliverables from these surveys to move forward, such as lawyers, realtors, land developers, builders, municipalities, etc.

1. Boundary — The surveywill define the limits of the property based on title and plan information. Combining records and field survey information, this type of service will produce precise property boundaries, which may include rights on land such as rights-of-way or easements.

2. Topographic — This type of land survey service records the lay of the land and its different physical characteristics, which include natural formations, buildings, infrastructure, vegetation, and water bodies.

3. Property (Real Property Report) — This product is typically needed when purchasing a property. In Alberta, it is called A Real Property Report; other provinces may have different terminology for a similar type of plan. An RPR may help identify potential property issues, resulting in non-compliance with the municipality bylaws and delaying the transaction.

4. As-Built — This plan will provide a view of the property after all construction is completed and can be compared to the design plans. As-builts are required for some land development projects. It is best to check with the municipality that you are working in. As-built surveys may also be required to report earthworks or water volumes (dirt quantity removed or added, pond or water retention, etc.)

5. Staking — Staking surveys take the design and transfer it to the physical site for construction. Staking is performed for layouts of buildings, utilities, sidewalks, etc., and site grading (landscaping).

Land survey services will employ different methods and tools to produce accurate measurements and detailed reports. A Land Surveyor will look at your project’s scope and help define which services may be required.

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