Land Use Planning And Development

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Land Use Planning And Development

At CORE Geomatics we are excited to help you walk the line of land use, community development and land development and subdivision. With an unwavering commitment to shaping sustainable and vibrant communities, CORE Geomatics leverages its extensive multidisciplinary experience to offer comprehensive solutions that seamlessly integrate geographic information systems, geospatial data analysis, sound planning principles and development strategies. CORE Geomatics proficiency in land use planning and development ensures meticulous attention to zoning regulations, environmental considerations, and community engagement, ultimately delivering projects that foster balanced growth and enhance the quality of life for residents. Our dedication to excellence and our deep-rooted understanding of land development dynamics makes us a trusted partner for transforming your vision of sustainable communities into thriving realities.

Land Use Policy and Community Planning

CORE Geomatics offers comprehensive land use planning and development services to support sustainable growth and community development. Our expertise encompasses the creation and revision of Official Community Plans (OCPs), Zoning Bylaws, bylaw amendments, land development plans, concept plans, and municipal advisory services, ensuring alignment with local and regional goals and provincial regulatory requirements.

CORE Geomatics is ready to assist you with all your land use policy and community planning needs. Through a combination of technical proficiency and a commitment to fostering resilient, well-planned communities, CORE Geomatics plays a pivotal role in shaping the future of land use and development.

Our Land Use Planning and Development Services include:

  • Official Community Plans (OCPs) and Zoning Bylaws and Amendments
  • Policy analysis and development plans
  • Site and land suitability analysis
  • Land use, subdivision design, and regional plans
  • Comprehensive community plans and development proposals
  • Review of development applications
  • Urban planning and design
  • Developer and municipal advisory services
  • Neighbourhood concept/outline plans
  • Land use and zoning mapping services
  • Growth strategies and sector/area plans


GIS Services

Land Development

CORE Geomatics specializes in providing expert land development services, tailored to facilitate efficient and sustainable growth. CORE Geomatics comprehensive and multidisciplinary expertise is ready to guide you throughout all stages of your proposed development. With a keen understanding of land development, CORE Geomatics empowers clients to streamline the development process, from the shaping of your original idea all the way to final approval, we are ready to help you navigate the complex landscape of land development regulations and requirements.

CORE Geomatics expertise ensures that development proposals align with municipal and provincial requirements and environmental considerations, contributing to the creation of thriving and well-planned communities.

Our Land Development Services include:

  • Site and land suitability and feasibility analysis
  • Land development plans, subdivision design and regional plans
  • Neighbourhood design and concept plans
  • Land use and zoning mapping services
  • Servicing and development agreements
  • Rezoning, subdivision, surveying, development permit and plan amendment applications
  • Project coordination and client representation through approval processes


Community Mapping and Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

CORE Geomatics provides comprehensive geographic information system (GIS) services to assist various industries with their geospatial and mapping needs. We’ll help you solve even the most complex problems by collecting, processing, and analyzing spatial data that you can easily visualize.

Our GIS services can work for any type of project, whether residential developments or government infrastructure. With our high-powered software and expert team, we’ll help you capture essential geographic information to understand your site and make better decisions.

CORE Geomatics is ready to assist communities in mapping, analyzing, and managing their geographical data effectively. From creating detailed maps that support urban planning and infrastructure development to developing customized GIS solutions for your everyday needs.

Our Community Mapping and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Services include:

  • Data collection
  • Spatial analysis and optimization
  • Project data management
  • Orthophotography
  • Visualization
  • Geocoding and modeling
  • Asset Management
  • Development plans
  • Concept plans
  • Land use and zoning mapping services


GIS Services

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