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Meeting And Exceeding Your Expectations Since 2009

Our team of professionals are experienced in all survey services and we look forward to working with you.

CORE Geomatics provides top-quality land surveying services for your residential, commercial, industrial, or energy projects across Western Canada. With our expert team, sophisticated technologies, innovative processes, and industry experience, you can trust us to deliver your project within your timeline and budget.

We offer a full range of surveying solutions, from boundary determination to construction staking to as-builting. So, whether you’re building a condominium complex or developing an oilfield play, our geomatics professionals can help evaluate your site and project requirements to ensure regulatory compliance and smooth execution.

Our Land Surveying Services

Why Choose Us?

Here at CORE Geomatics, we’re committed to delivering 100% client satisfaction. And we do this by upholding the highest standards in everything that we do. Specifically, here are the main reasons why you can trust us to be your partner:

Cradle to Grave. We go above and beyond to assist our clients from start to finish. So we’ll support you right at the planning stage, up until feasibility studies, regulatory permits, and all the other steps needed for a successful project.

Advanced Technologies. Our advanced and cutting-edge technologies are designed to give you the most accurate and reliable results at all times.

Extensive Knowledge and Experience. Our 13 years of industry experience is a testament to the knowledge and expertise we have developed through the years. We continuously strive to improve our systems and processes, we have continued to improve our processes whenever possible.

Emphasis on Safety. Beyond your project’s success, safety is our utmost priority. Thus, we have proactive safety protocols in place to avoid accidents and injuries on the job. 

Surveying Service

What we Offer

Planning and Consultation

CORE supports you with project planning and feasibility studies, environmental compliance, regulatory reporting and permitting, survey, mapping, spatial analysis, and remote sensing services. From the initial consultation to project planning, our team is dedicated to providing you with the most cost-effective and efficient solution available. The value? Not only is your project cost-effective but our services also help manage any potential risks by creating efficient and accurate plans that can be shared across industries.

Advanced technology

CORE uses sophisticated technology to provide you with the best possible results, with a particular focus on the energy, natural resources, engineering, and construction industries. Our equipment boasts of cutting-edge technology, exceeding industry best practices to ensure accuracy in all our solutions.


Tackling a variety of challenging projects, we continue to measure, monitor, and map the physical world around us. We are always up for a challenge and are known for managing complex projects with the utmost creativity. Our 13 years of extensive experience is a reflection of the quality and reliability of our services.


CORE focuses on the prevention of occupational injuries and property damage using a proactive safety protocol. We strive to foster a safe work environment by educating our employees on risk management and disruption-free work practices. We are members of the Workers’ Compensation Boards of Alberta, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan, as well as have a Certificate of Recognition for Workplace Safety.

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    What We Do

    Land development survey Services

    Land Development Survey

    CORE Geomatics is an industry leader in delivering cost-effective and high-quality land development survey services for any and every sector.


    Real Property Reports

    Residential Property Reports (RPR) is an in-depth report that utilizes images and measurements of a home to provide the client with a detailed..

    Construction Surveys

    Construction Surveys

    In the highly specialized area of construction surveys, CORE Geomatics uses specialized equipment, methods, and knowledge to locate earth..


    Infrastructure & Transportation

    CORE Geomatics offers a full range of infrastructure and transportation survey services for municipal, provincial, federal and private sector clients.


    Pipeline & Pipeline Integrity

    At CORE Geomatics, we are a team of full-service surveyors who are equipped with the latest equipment to ensure high-quality results for your projects.


    Mining Survey

    CORE Geomatics offers a wide array of mining survey services including mine design, resource calculations, mine planning, and geological modeling services.


    Renewable Energy

    The specialists at CORE Geomatics provide innovative surveying solutions for your projects. Our expertise is in the development of river, wind, and solar farm projects. 


    Utilities Survey

    At CORE Geomatics, we conduct reliable field surveys for projects in the utility industry, including electricity, sewage, fiber-optics..

    Energy Services

    Energy Survey

    At CORE Geomatics, we offer power and energy survey services for companies engaged in exploration, development, and production in every industry. 


    Canada Lands

    As a full-service surveying company in western Canada, CORE Geomatics has extensive knowledge analyzing different parcels of Canada Lands.

    Safety Associations