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Making Real Estate Work for You

Residential Property Reports (RPR) is an in-depth report that utilizes images and measurements of a home to provide the client with a detailed view of their property. With our services, you can eliminate the guessing game and make confident decisions on the potential of a property before you buy, sell, or make improvements.

Creating Accurate Reports for Informed Property Decisions

Handling properties is no small matter, so our RPRs are designed to help you make more confident and informed decisions with real estate transactions. A Real Property Report (RPR) or Building Location Certificate is a legal document depicting measurements and title information of the property. This will provide you with a detailed depiction of their property and improvements. A provincially registered Land Surveyor will supervise and certify the legal document.  With our services, you will be able to make confident decisions about the property before you buy, sell, or make improvements.

Why Get Real Property Reports From Us?

RPRs are key documents used in real estate transactions or development projects. Here at CORE Geomatics, we know how important these decisions are, so we act quickly and deliver these reports on time. Whether you’re a buyer, seller, mortgage provider, or real estate agent, we’ll provide you with the Real Property Report or Building Location Certificate to assist you with things like:

    • Identifying the boundaries of a property
    • Spotting potential issues that should be resolved before purchase or sale
    • Determining the accurate location and measurements of buildings, improvements, and encroachments
    • Applying for development and building permits
    • Approving mortgage financing applications



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