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Survey Services in Grand Prairie, Alberta

Whether you’re buying or selling property or developing land in Grand Prairie, Alberta, you’ll need to secure a land survey to determine the property lines and land boundaries.

As a full-service company with over a decade of experience in geospatial services, CORE Geomatics is here to help you out.

Delivering Top-Quality Land Surveying Services

CORE Geomatics is a leading provider of top-quality surveying and mapping services for real estate transactions, infrastructure development, oil and gas and so much more. 

With our licensed professionals and advanced equipment, we can map out parcels of land to identify their boundaries and corresponding measurements.

Regardless of your project requirements or needs, you can rely on us for all your professional surveying needs. Given our wide range of services, we can provide end-to-end assistance and help you out from start to finish.

We can do them all, from customized land assessment to subdivision surveying to boundary determination.

Why Choose Us?

Over the years, we’ve handled residential, commercial, and industrial properties, all with varying work difficulties. Thus, you can trust us to find the right solutions to successfully plan and execute your projects in Grand Prairie, Alberta.

By choosing CORE Geomatics to be your partner for your land projects or property transactions, we can promise the following:

  • Responsive staff
  • Industry-leading practices
  • Innovative solutions
  • Advanced equipment
  • Sophisticated technologies
  • Extensive knowledge and experience

Beyond all these, we also have protocols in place to mitigate risks and prevent occupational hazards and property damage. We have our team’s and clients’ best interests in mind, so we take proactive steps to ensure safety in our work.

Schedule a Consultation in Grande Prairie, Alberta Today


Need help surveying a parcel of land or securing a residential property report (RPR) for your property sale? Contact CORE Geomatics today at

403-648-2772 to book a consultation. We can discuss the details and customize the best solutions for your needs.


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