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Whatever requirements you have for your natural science projects, we’ll help you procure them. Whether you’re just in the planning stage or getting ready for construction, we’ve got the right service for you. So contact us today at 403-648-2772 to get started and discuss with our team.

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Build a Better World One PROJECT at a Time


CORE Environmental has an expert team of wildlife and fisheries biologists, wetland scientists, foresters, agrologists, environmental planners, and aquatics specialists (QAES) to assist you with every aspect of your project. We provide timely solutions to meet your project goals by putting together our industry experience, field expertise, and leading technologies.

Completing Timely and Accurate Deliverables for Your Projects

At CORE, we conduct efficient surveys and assessments to give you accurate data on land, site conditions, and natural resources. As a full-service environmental company, we offer the following natural science services:

  • Wetland Assessments (WAIF and WAIR)
  • Wildlife Sweeps
  • Wildlife Point Count and Migration Surveys
  • Fish Habitat and Watercourse Crossing Assessments
  • Surface Water Quality
  • Vegetation Assessments
  • Timber Salvage Assessments and Appraisals
  • Soil Surveys


We’ve worked with all types of projects ranging from small-scale residential developments to large-scale pipeline developments. You can be assured that no project is too big or small for our team. In addition, we are always committed to delivering accurate reports on time. Within budget, you can trust us to streamline your operations and give you reliable data to work with.


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