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Surveying Waterbodies

CORE Geomatics is a leading provider of bathymetry services utilizing ORCA that integrates GPS, sonar, and pipe locating technologies into one tool to survey the depths of a waterbody and locate buried pipes underneath.

CORE Geomatics is a leading provider of bathymetric survey services in Western Canada. We use proprietary technologies and software to survey and map out rivers, lake beds, and other water bodies to help you develop your project design. With this information, you can streamline your operations and maximize productivity.


Solving Your Underwater Mapping Needs

We utilize ORCA technology to collect accurate bathymetric data with an underwater depth of 50 meters. Combining this with our GIS and Process Control System, we analyze the GPS, contour mapping, and depth-information data to create timely reports for your assessments.

Specifically, here’s what we can help you with:

  • Acquiring bathymetric data
  • Locating pipes beneath the water bottom
  • Mapping and identifying structures
  • Detecting objects
  • Identifying submerged obstructions

Over the years, we’ve delivered our bathymetric survey solutions to private companies and local and federal governments. Thus, you can trust that we create extremely accurate reports that contain all the information you need to make informed decisions for your marine projects.



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