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We are committed to delivering top-quality and reliable results to our clients, constantly innovating our processes to provide accurate reports. If you’ve got a utility project planned out soon, contact us today at  403-648-2772  and get in touch with our team.
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About Utilities Survey

CORE’s Integrated Services. 

At CORE Geomatics, we conduct reliable field surveys for projects in the utility industry, including electricity, sewage, fiber-optics, natural gas and water lines, communication networks, and many others. Over the years, we’ve handled different sites—from residential homes to industrial buildings—allowing us to understand how to map out utilities and look for potential hazards in development.

Assessing Your Site Conditions for Smooth Project Execution

Our engineers use advanced equipment and technologies to carry out utility surveys for your projects. Having a clear picture of your site conditions allows you to locate safe areas to dig or excavate, knowing that you won’t be damaging your utilities.

Whether you’re engaged in a new construction project or renovating your land, we’ll help you detect underground utilities to ensure proper planning and construction. Our utility survey solutions include the following:

  • Right of ways
  • Site surveys
  • As-built surveys
  • Topographical surveys
  • Civil surface works
  • Structure and line staking

Rest assured, our processes are done in compliance with industry standards. With this, you can rest easy knowing that you’ll get all the details needed to plan and execute your projects smoothly.


Utilities Survey

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