Construction Survey Services in Victoria & THROUGHOUT Vancouver ISLAND

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If you need to establish boundaries in your property, CORE Geomatics is here to give you fast, reliable, and efficient survey services. Call us today at  403-648-2772  to let us know what you’ll need, and we’ll recommend relevant survey solutions.

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Construction Survey Services in Victoria & Vancouver Island

As professional surveyors in Victoria, BC, and throughout Vancouver Island, CORE Geomatics has extensive experience assessing properties and sites to establish boundary lines and collect essential data points. These will be critical to avoiding legal disputes and making proper decisions for construction projects, so ensure you always work with accurate information.

Conducting Accurate and Reliable Surveys

With over 12 years of experience in the survey industry, CORE Geomatics has refined its processes to deliver top-quality services to clients in Victoria, BC. If you need help planning your construction projects, here are the surveying solutions we offer.

  • Settlement Monitoring Survey: The CORE can survey your sites and monitor the position of the ground, supports, and site infrastructure to ensure structural integrity.
  • Utility Survey: If you need to replace your current utilities or install new lines, our team can help you with staking layout, elevations, and as-builts.
  • Civil Earthworks Survey: CORE offers a range of services to help you with your civil earthwork projects, such as grade staking, volumetric, and cut-and-fill analysis.
  • Commercial Construction: No matter what commercial building project you have in your pipeline, we have experience conducting all the necessary surveys—from topographic surveys to foundation layouts to final as-builts.

Why Choose Us?

CORE Geomatics upholds the highest standards in everything we do. As a one-stop shop for professional construction surveying solutions, we’ve got the team, equipment, and tools needed to address your needs. By trusting in our services, we can guarantee that you’ll get the following.

  • Advanced equipment and technologies
  • Innovative processes
  • Responsive team
  • Proactive safety measures
  • Cost-effective services
  • On-time project completion


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