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Developing land or buying and selling property is no small decision, so it’s important to consider many factors before pushing through with anything. Here at CORE Geomatics, we offer professional surveying solutions to help you determine boundary lines, identify easements, and learn other similar things.

Creating Accurate Reports for Your Property Decisions

When buying or selling properties in Edmonton, Alberta, you’ll probably need to get real property reports (RPRs) to look at the property details. We specialize in creating accurate RPRs showing boundary lines, measurements, rights of way, and the locations of improvements to give you a full-picture view.

And suppose you’re developing land for residential or commercial projects, we can conduct land surveys to help you with plan, design, and put everything into reality—these range from topographic surveys to cadastral surveys and many others. Our team can assess your project more thoroughly by recommending the most suitable solutions.

Why Choose Us?

CORE Geomatics has been in the survey industry since 2009, so you can be assured that we know how to conduct reliable and efficient services. By trusting in us to be your partner, we can promise you the following:

  • Licensed surveyors
  • Advanced equipment and technologies
  • Innovative processes
  • Proactive safety measures
  • Cost-effective services
  • Timely and accurate reports
  • Quick turnaround times



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