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We Turn Data into Information

CORE Geomatics is an industry leader in delivering cost-effective and high-quality land development survey services for any and every sector.

Our land development survey services are designed to support projects of all scales from single-family residential to large scale multi-lot or condominium developments, including commercial and industrial developments. CORE can support you on your project from beginning to end – the pre-planning and application stage, field work, and final survey registrations.

Full Range of Professional Surveying Solutions

At CORE Geomatics, we provide a full range of professional surveying solutions to aid you in your land development process. Whether you’re designing and building a subdivision or looking into the feasibility of a commercial project, you can trust our high-quality services, technical expertise, and progressive methods to deliver reliable surveys with accurate information.

These are just some of the land development surveying services we offer to clients:

  • Customized land assessments
  • Land use analysis
  • Home Builder Surveying Services
  • Subdivision surveying
  • Topographic site plans
  • UAV orthomosaics and surfaces
  • 3D laser scanning
  • Right of Ways / Easements
  • Consolidation plans


Land development survey Services

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