If you want to buy or sell a house or any property, you know that a lot of paperwork is involved, which can be overwhelming. When considering purchasing a new home, one of the most important things you need is a Real Property Report (RPR). Here’s everything you need to know about obtaining a Real Property Report in Alberta.

What Is AReal Property Report?

A Real Property Report is a legal document/plan prepared by a commissioned Land Surveyor. The report identifies the existing structures on the property relative to the property boundaries. A Land Surveyor will mobilize a field crew to the property to execute the field survey, then supervise and review the creation of the final survey plan to be issued.

A Real Property Report also gives you much helpful information required to apply for aCertificate of Compliance, especially about any structures that have been renovated or undergone improvements. Improvements apply to all the structurescaptured in the Real Property Report, including garages, storage sheds, fences, and any other dwellings on the property.

So regardless of whether you own an apartment building or a detached home, a Real Property Report is required before you can make any real estate transaction.

Who Needs AReal Property Report?

A Real Property Report is needed for various reasons. Property owners need a Real Property Report to know the location of the improvements carried out within their property’s boundaries.

They also need to know of any encroachments on their property lines to adjacent properties and ensure that their property meets all municipal compliance requirements.

In addition, property purchasers need this report to be informed about the boundary and improvements done on the property, providing any potential issues arising. In some cases, municipalities also need this report to assist them in determining whether the property meets all compliance with fire codes and bylaws and in the planning and development process.

This is why you should always ask the property seller to provide you with a current Real Property Reportto protect you from potential future legal liabilities resulting from any property boundary-related problems.

How Do IGet AReal Property ReportIn Alberta?

It is pretty easy to get a Real Property Report in Alberta; you simply need to contact an Alberta Land Surveyor.

The original Land Surveyor shown on the existing Real Property Report is the easiest route, but any Alberta Land Surveyor could provide the service. However, it is essential to know that only the original Land Surveyor who initially created the report can update it. Getting an updated report is less costly than getting a new Real Property Report done, especially if very few changes have been made on the property since the last report.

Remember that a Real Property Report must carry the Alberta Land Surveyor’s original signature and permit stamp to be valid. An Alberta Land Surveyor will be entirely responsible for ensuring the accuracy of the information contained in a Real Property Report.