Whatever the reason for needing the Legal Land survey plan, below are some great ways to access the information in each province.

Generally, land surveys are public records; accessing them can vary depending on each province throughout Canada. Most provinces, except Ontario, have online platforms to aid in locating the information you require.

Where to find Land Survey Plans in Western Canada
Below is some information on how to find Legal Survey Plans for provinces in Western Canada.

Alberta has a few ways to access this type of information.SPIN (Spatial Information System – SPIN2) is an online platform for ordering Legal Plans and Land Titles. You can also accessallland documents through a registry office.

  • British Columbia has the BC Land Title & Survey Authority (LTSA), the governing body for administering the land title and survey systems in BC. You can use themyLTSA portal or hire a professional to access therequired information.
  • Saskatchewan has a similar platform called the ISC, where you can create an online services accountto find and order a Legal Plan.
  • Manitoba has a registry service solution called Teranet Manitoba that specializes in registry service solutions for the province and is the service provider of land and personal property registry services.

Facts About Land Surveys
It’s always a good idea to understand what is involved in land surveying before diving headfirst into the process.

So, here are some things you should be aware of:Land surveys are legal documents. Its results are incorporated into titles and other legal documents, making them legally binding.

  1. Land surveying requires in-depth knowledge of surveying techniques and principles, skills, and specific tools. The process may take some time, depending on the regulatory requirements, land size, and other property factors.
  2. Only Commissioned and Licensed Land Surveyors can create and register Legal Survey Plans. Each province will have its own regulated Surveying Association and associated bylaws.
  3. Legal Land Surveys are meant to establish boundaries that define an interest in the land. These can include subdivisions (land, condo, or strata) and rights of way (roads, utilities, pipelines, etc.).

Knowing how and where to get the correct information can speed up the process and avoid costly mistakes. If you have any questions about Land Surveys, reach out to us, and we’ll be sure to answer all your questions.